The Firefly

Under the light of the moonless night
On the lap of the luminous darkness
Inside the blanket of the windless vacuum
I laze, observing some shapeless shadows.

Through the lightless gap between two shadows
A firefly flies, and glows the lifeless milieu
Braving the dark and braving the stillness
Lonely, the firefly flies and hovers beside me.

I feel, the chill of the soundless night
Has brought the fly near my warm breath
I hear the flap of its weary little wings
They tell stories in a language unknown

In between the seconds of a second of two glows
I see the tiny little eyes of the desperate fly
Asking me to look on to my own self
Forcing me to look on to my own body
Under the blinking light of my nearby peer
I find the wick of my luminous self
When my peer burns its body to show my wick
I sit inside the darkness, waiting to light my self.

There, still, the fly hovers, glowing its body
Tired, as the fly sat on my long fingers, I asked,
“who will guide you in the darkness between your glows”
The answer is but another blink, another glow.